Media appearances

Richard Buxton’s media appearances include TV and radio in the UK and several other countries.

  • 1998: contributed to opening episode of Rosemary Harthill’s BBC World Service series on Stories from the Afterlife. Broadcast with 4 repeats.
  • 1999: interviewed by Radio New Zealand (Sunday Edition) about his work on mythology.
  • 2002: contributed to BBC Radio 4 programme about Milton’s poem On his blindness.
  • 2003: contributed to BBC Radio 3 programme Baptising the Gods.
  • 2007: invited to participate in Weekend America radio phone-in about Greek mythology.
  • 2007: invited to participate in Three Counties Radio phone-in about mythology.
  • 2007: interviewed about his work for Revista de Arqueologia 28 (no. 313), 58-63.
  • 2008: participated in In Our Time, hosted by Melvyn Bragg: BBC Radio 4 programme on The Greek Myths (Youtube)
  • 2009: interviewed for Open University Course A330 on Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds. This was made into a CD distributed to all Open University students taking the module.
  • 2009: interviewed about his work for periodical Minerva, issue 10, pp 28-30.
  • 2010: interviewed about his book Forms of Astonishment, for Blackwells’ podcasts about Classics (Youtube).
  • 2010: gave televised lecture at Athens Dialogues colloquium, organised by the Onassis Foundation.
  • 2013: gave televised lecture at Engelsberg Symposium on Civilisation.
  • 2013: gave interview for Axess television in Sweden.
  • 2015: joint podcast (with Mercedes Aguirre) of Colloquium at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, on Cyclops: Changing Perceptions of an Ogre.
  • 2019: Pontus Presents – presentation of Richard’s 2004 book The Complete World of Greek Mythology (Youtube)
  • 2019: The Complete World of Greek Mythology ranked 6th in The 10 Best Greek Mythology Books.
  • 2021: joint podcast (with Mercedes Aguirre) about ‘Cyclopes in Greek Mythology’, for the ‘Ithaca Bound’ podcast hosted by Andrew Schiestel, June 4 2021: